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 A New Dimension in Woodwork

Woodchester Studio  
Woodchester Workshop  
Southfield Road  
North Woodchester 
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Adrian Bidmead

Paul Hodgson


oak, elm, beech, ash, yew,
sycamore, walnut, maple,
cherry, hand, made, crafted,
kitchens, bedroom, freestanding,
fitted, furniture

About the Woodchester Studio

The Woodchester Studio is a collection of craftsmen working in wood, who specialise in tailor-made fine furniture, quality joinery and home interiors.

The finished work will last you a lifetime and you can be confident in the knowledge that it is an item of beauty that has not been mass-produced at the cost of the Earth’s resources.

Bespoke furniture making is an art, an act of nature – from the designing stage with the client, the choosing of the wood, through to the final crafting of the finished piece.

Walking into the Woodchester Studio is an experience in itself, with wood in all different stages to see, smell and touch.

Clients are welcome to visit by arrangement to talk about projects or to see them as they progress towards completion.

Each of the craftsmen working in the Woodchester Studio has a speciality, as detailed by this website, but one thing we all have in common is the ability to produce beautiful individual furniture that satisfies your requirements.

Generally a commission will be undertaken by an individual maker, however larger projects may be handled as a group activity coordinated by the principle maker.

If you are interested in the work of a specific maker visit their section of this website and contact them directly,
or for more general enquiries contact the Woodchester Studio.

email: the studio

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